PIXLS - Preprint Information eXtraction for Life Sciences

Profile & Description

Preprints are a relatively new pathway of making scientific results available to the wider research community even before peer review. Meanwhile, thereis are a large number of different preprint servers used by the research community, which differ both technically and in terms of content. In the project proposed here, the partners TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences and ZB MED - Information Center for Life Sciences would like to systematically unlock the previously neglected information source preprint servers, make them more accessible through value-added services and ensure the reusability of the metadata and full texts obtained. For this, the project will conduct research and develop an e-research technology covering an information extraction pipeline in which the data will be homogenized and merged into the ZB MED Knowledge Environment (ZB MED KE). Value-added services, such as Linked Open Data interfaces and innovative reputation and trend indicators, will then be developed on this data basis and made available to the library and scientific community for subsequent use.

Funding Agency
DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Partner Institution
ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences
People Involved
Prof. Dr. Philipp Schaer (Technische Hochschule Köln)
Prof. Dr. Konrad Förstner (ZB MED - Information Centre for Life SciencesD)

ProjectPIXLS - Preprint Information eXtraction for Life Sciences

2023 - 2025
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Text Simplification of Scientific Texts for Non-Expert Readers.
In: SimpleText@CLEF-2023, volume abs/2307.03569, series CEUR Workshop Proceedings. 2023.
Björn Engelmann, Fabian Haak, Christin Katharina Kreutz, Narjes Nikzad-Khasmakhi and Philipp Schaer.
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