PRIOR - PRepublicatIOn Radar

Profile & Description

Journalists who report about science or fight “alternative facts” need fast access to up-to-date and reliable scientific information. Nowadays one research paper is published every 13 seconds. Due to this ever increasing amount of new scientific papers published every day journalists face the issue of information overload. PRIOR will be a tool to ease this problem by identifying relevant studies within an incoming stream of announcements of scientific publications. It will increase the probability for science journalists to identify the major breakthroughs relevant to the broader public.

PRIOR, the PRepublicatIOn Radar, will be an integrated tool for science journalists to keep up with the latest scientific research in important domains of knowledge. It will enable them to detect and filter potentially interesting studies in a diverse set of scientific journals. The challenge is to deal with unstructured and heterogeneous incoming information types. PRIOR will extract, harmonize and process new embargoed research publications to allow searching, browsing and filtering. The prototype will work with two modules: a data extraction and harmonization framework as well as a web-based user interface to find new and filter relevant scientific publications.

More information is available at Google Digital News Initiative.

Funding Agency
Google Digital News Initiative
Partner Institution
Science Media Center
People Involved
Prof. Dr. Philipp Schaer (Technische Hochschule Köln)
Dr. Meik Bittkowski (Science Media Center)
Hendrik Adam (Science Media Center)
Camillo Sulzer (Technische Hochschule Köln)
Ralph Willrich (Technische Hochschule Köln)

ProjectPRIOR - PRepublicatIOn Radar

2017-03 - 2018-03
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Information Extraction for Semi-structured Email Corpora.
In: R. Jäschke and M. Weidlich, editors, LWDA, volume 2454, series CEUR Workshop Proceedings, pages 322-330., 2019.
Hendrik Adam and Philipp Schaer.
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