Smart Harvesting II

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Utilizing Web Scraper Technology for Bibliography Building

In the project “Smart Harvesting II”, software-based solutions for the collection and processing of bibliographic data from the web are developed. Up to now, this work has been done manually in many facilities and is therefore very labour-intensive and time-consuming. In other cases, where technical support is already being used, specialized software programs, known as wrappers, are used for this purpose, which have to be created and maintained by expert software developers. The focus of our project is therefore on the development of low-maintenance wrappers, which can be easily operated by non-information scientists and continuously adapted to new website structures. For this we rely on the open source solution OXPath - an extension of XPath that allows declarative imitation of the interaction with a website and in this context can extract data in a targeted way. We are convinced that the use of OXPath allows the integration of archivist/librarians into the process of creating and maintaining wrappers, since they are often already familiar with the basics of XML and XPath.

ProjectSmart Harvesting II

2016 - 2019
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