Scholary Impact of CLEF and TREC compared

Scholarly Impact of CLEF and TREC compared

TREC and CLEF are long-running Information Retrieval evaluation campaigns with a history going back many years. Both conferences are well-known, but TREC is the older one, and CLEF is an official spin-off of TREC. Since TREC is the “older brother,” it is better known outside the core IR community. Looking at the current impact measured in citations, this is not really understandable since CLEF has a citation rate three times higher compared to TREC:

([Google Scholar]

In this thesis, you should dig into this matter and research the impact of TREC and CLEF over the years. With the help of tools like Publish or Perish, you should gather your own dataset and thoroughly analyze the available publication and citation data on both conferences.


  • Basic knowledge in statistical and bibliographic analysis
  • Interest in the collection and analysis of own gathered publication data


Philipp Schaer