Opinion-Forming Through Search Engines

In this project, the question of how search engines can influence political opinion-forming and political issues is to be addressed, and what influence factors such as 'filter bubbles', collaborative filtering and the lack of users' search or media competence have on these processes.

2018 - 2021
University of Cologne
Funding Organization
Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft NRW

Smart Harvesting II

Within the Smart Harvesting project we would like to develop a 'smart' set of tools and workflows to allow non-programmers to build a rich set of web scrapers to build online bibliographies out of freely available web resources.

Political Query Suggestions

We crawl a web search engine query suggestion data set from popular search engines like Google or Bing with all the names of the current members of the German parliament. We would like to track changes over time regarding the query suggestions based on politicans' names.