Publication in Code4Lib Journal Vol. 38

  • CategoryPublications
  • AuthorNeumann
  • Date19 oct 2017

We got an article published in the Code4Lib Journal (Issue 38): “ Web-Scraping for Non-Programmers: Introducing OXPath for Digital Library Metadata Harvesting”. Thanks to our co-author Jan Steinberg from GESIS! For a full list of publications check our group’s publication list.

Posters at Conferences

  • CategoryPublications
  • AuthorNeumann
  • Date17 oct 2017

We have recently presented our work in Smart Harvesting II with posters at the CLEF 2017 conference and the DINI Jahrestagung 2017. The posters are now available online. You can find the CLEF poster here and the DINI poster here.

Publication at CLEF 2017

  • CategoryPublications
  • AuthorSchaer
  • Date31 jul 2017

Our paper on “ Enriching Existing Test Collections with OXPath” was accepted for the Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF 2017) in Dublin. A preprint of the paper is available at For a full list of publications check our group’s publication list.

New interview in Inside out magazine

  • CategoryPress
  • AuthorSchaer
  • Date03 may 2017

In the latest issue of TH Köln’s Inside out magazine (in German) an interview with Prof. Schaer about his work on long tail web search is featured.

Welcome, Mandy!

  • CategoryTeam Roster
  • AuthorSchaer
  • Date01 feb 2017

We would like to welcome our new colleague Mandy Neumann who joined us last week. She is going to work in the Smart Harvesting II project.

New Project: Smart Harvesting II

  • CategoryProjects
  • AuthorSchaer
  • Date01 jan 2017

Within the Smart Harvesting project we would like to develop a ‘smart’ set of tools and workflows to allow non-programmers to build a rich set of web scrapers to build online bibliographies out of freely available web resources.